Zoom Quizmaster

Are you looking for an online quiz during the pandemic, then why not join us at one of our future events.

We’re also available for private hire, so if you have a virtual office party or fundraising event why not get in touch to see if we’re available.

We’re able to do any of our general knowledge or themed quizzes online, you just need to download our App to your smartphone or tablet and then listen to the quizmaster via Zoom.

Join A Zoom Quiz...


Win the cash prize using your highest quiz score from any of my quizzes between January and March 2021. Improve your chances of winning by playing every week.

1st Prize: £75 cash
2nd Prize: £50 cash
3rd Prize: £25 cash

Every Tuesday & Saturday from January until March. Cash prize winners will be announced on Saturday 27th March 2021.

Round 1: General Knowledge (20 questions)
Round 2: General Knowledge (20 questions)
Round 3: Music (15 questions)
Round 4: General Knowledge (20 questions)

You’ll need TWO devices to play:

  1. A computer or smartphone/tablet to listen to the quizmaster on ZOOM.
  2. A smartphone/tablet to submit your answers on the SPEEDQUIZZING LIVE app.


Win cash prizes by hearing a song and marking it off your bingo card to get the winning pattern.

£1 per music bingo card, all entry fees are returned in cash prizes.

You’ll need ONE device to play:

  • A computer or smartphone/tablet to listen to the quizmaster on ZOOM.
  • A computer or smartphone/tablet to open the webpage https://www.musicbingo.vip.