Themed Quizzes

Harry Potter Themed Quiz

Are you ready to put your Harry Potter knowledge to the test?

Join us for a fun interactive quiz night with our professional quizmaster Nick Burrett.

Choose your very own buzz-in sound, race to score bonus points and of course prove once and for all that you’re the biggest Potter fan of all.

So, if you know your Malfoys from your Weasleys, your Gillyweed from your Mandrake, and your Lumos from your Accio, it’s time to put down that broomstick, pick up your butterbeer (or tasty alcoholic alternative) and join us for an evening of quizzy fun.

Hop aboard the Knight bus for a quiz night you won’t soon forget.

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Disney Themed Quiz

Who doesn’t want to be a Disney Princess?  Well, Quizmaster Nick has been told not to dress as one during this quiz, as it might put you off your game!

Whether live-action or animation, and sometimes both together, Disney have created iconic moments for us all, from the release of their first feature length film in 1937, to their re-releases of our favourite animations as live action.

Do you know the songs, the characters and the stories?  Then come along and join us for the quiz that has been created just for you.

Do you know Disney?  Then put on your glass slippers and make your way to the ball.

Friends Themed Quiz

If you are a fan of Rachel, Joey, Ross, Monica or Chandler, you will find plenty of questions to get your brain ticking in our Friends quiz.

Do you know Monica’s surname?  Could you recite the lyrics to Smelly Cat?  What doesn’t Joey share?  And most importantly, were Ross and Rachel really on a break?

These may be asked, or they may not be, but either way, if you are a fan of Friends, Quizmaster Nick will have you scratching your head.

Chandler would like to know… Could you BE anymore excited about this quiz?

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Marvel Vs DC Themed Quiz

Did Batman ever team up with Wolverine?  Did Supergirl ever guard Pleasant Hill?  If you know this could never happen, you should join us.

Whether you are a fan of the comic books or the films, you will find yourself poised to answer.

Do you know if Ryan Reynolds was in a DC or a Marvel film?  Come along to share your knowledge.  If you aren’t sure, then the answer is yes – he has been in both Marvel & DC films.

Put your fist to the ground, or sit at the table, be the quizzing superhero you know yourself to be, and join us for our Marvel Vs. DC quiz.