Quiz Masters For Hire

Google the term “Free Pub Quiz Questions” and within a few minutes you could have enough material to call yourself a professional quizmaster, but do you have:

  • The 100% correct answer? A professional quizmaster will ensure that he/she can fact check the same question from several different sources because not everything you read on the internet is real, go figure!

  • Stage Fright? A great quizmaster will be confident using a microphone, friendly, witty and ready to deal with a heckler who thinks they know better.

  • Uncheatable questions? Siri and Google Assistant are great at playing quizzes, so a professional quizmaster has one or more secret weapons to deal with smartphone cheats!

  • A System? Imagine 20 quiz teams with 60 questions each, have you ever tried to mark 1200 questions in around 10 minutes?

We’re about to frighten you with two words that make a quiz a lot more fun for your guests, it also solves the issue of Google cheats and scoring teams for quizmasters:  Smartphone Quizzing!

Let me quickly dispel any negative thoughts before you re-google “Quiz Masters For Hire”.

  • It’s not a quiz about smartphones – that would be proper boring!

  • You don’t need an internet connection – we bring our own dedicated quiz hub which can (but doesn’t need to) use the internet.

  • You don’t need a smartphone because – we have a stock of 7-inch tablets which we let your guests use.

  • My customer’s prefer pen and paper – because they don’t know any different, they’ve never tried a smartphone quiz.

  • Having a smartphone on the table makes it easier to cheat – Nope, the faster you answer, the more points you get, so Googling the answer would cost you points!

I Challenge You...

I (Quizmaster Nick) challenge you to come up with an objection as to why paper and pen quizzing is better than Smartphone Quizzing, because it will allow me to add another bullet point to the list above!  Now for its best bits.

  • After every question your guests instantly find out if they got the answer right or not, and how many points they scored.

  • Your guests get to choose a buzzer sound which is played in celebration of every time they got the fastest correct answer.

  • It’s really simple to play, if you think the answer is “Paris” then you just put click P. If you think the answer is Donald Trump, then you just press D.  There is also multiple choice and number based questions.

  • The questions aren’t for eggheads. Because our game is also based on speed, we can make the questions less intimidating and more achievable.