Music & Video Bingo

Bringing a whole new twist to the classic game of Bingo, we introduce to you the feel-good sounds of Music Bingo – an event which combines Bingo with Name That Tune, Popmaster and Songpop!

Players compete against one another in a test of musical prowess, sharp reactions and sheer luck.  Grab your bingo card, listen up and perhaps be in for a prize or two!

Music Bingo is great fun for all ages as the game can be tailored to include kids’ TV songs, chart music, golden oldies etc.  Some people like to call it Singalong Bingo because sometimes you can’t help but sing-along to the songs as we play them.

The game is simple:

  • You’re presented with a bingo card with songs in place of the traditional numbers.

  • We’ll play a song and once you hear the song played, you need to figure out if the track is on your bingo card.  If it is, mark it off your bingo card – and you’re one step closer to glory!

  • Once you think you’ve got a line or full house, take a deep breath and shout BINGO – but be fast, somebody else might beat you to it!