Karaoke DJ Hire in Bristol, Devon & Somerset

Karaoke is just like Marmite, you either love it or hate it!

If you love it then you’ll love my collection of around 17,000 karaoke classics sourced from the leading karaoke producers in the UK because DJ Nick Burrett is an official Sunfly karaoke licensed KJ. I have every single song Sunfly have ever produced, so you can be sure you’ll be spoilt for choice.

As you would expect, all the song lyrics appear on the screen and there are plenty of prompts to let you know when to deliver your lines and when to seal your lips.

To ensure you sound the best you possibly can I use a top-notch sound system complete with cordless microphones, reverb and feedback destroyers to stop that nasty screeching sound when you get too close to the speakers!

Of course, you don’t want to sound too fantastic!! After all, the best bit of the X-Factor is the less than perfect auditions, right?